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Welcome to Silverback Strong! Come shop with us to find quality gym apparel that you wear while you putting in that work or outside the gym to complete your laid back relaxed casual outfit.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to bring the love and support to those with common goals. We all want to be better and the hardest part is always getting started. We will provide a name that will be well known in your local gyms and inspire others to be their best.

Hey guys couldn't promote this guy enough. He is dedidcated to helping others in multiple aspects of life. A role model for the community, entrepreneur, strongman athlete and amazing friend!

Jeff Richardson
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About Us

Darryl Aldridge,

Store Owner

I began my fitness journey about 3 years ago. At first working out was a "chore" and I only went when I had others that wanted to work out with me. I realized that if I continued to wait on people, I would never make it. One day I decided to go alone and that "chore" soon became an obsession. I began with the idea of losing weight and slimming down. I was noticed by a few gym members that I had "raw power". I was told that if I fixed a few things that I would see a great change. I took that advice and began training for powerlifting. During that time, I wanted to experiment with exercises and routines. I stumbled upon strongman and never looked back. Strongman gave me purpose. I am only in year 1 of competing strongman and it was the best decision I've made. The Silverback brand was born to make a statement of the hard work and dedication it took to get this far. I hope to inspire others and continue the message that everyone is capable of doing something or becoming something great. Silverback Strong means that your power and potential cannot be measured by a specific number. Keep pushing, keep growing, and continue on the path to greatness.